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Storyteller's Keep II
27th-Jan-2008 08:02 pm - The weekend is over... sigh
It seems like this weekend has flown by. Last week was a long week at work. I put in a ton of hours and while I've rested some and gotten a few key things done this weekend, I don't feel rested enough and I didn't get as much done as I needed or wanted to. But, honestly? That's okay. I'm not super-human.

Tomorrow is another day (the perfect labor saving device ever invented, in fact). I hope to spend the day catching up on work and editing the book. I might even have a second or two to work on my new series.

In other news, I got a Wacom Bamboo*Fun drawing tablet today!  Maybe I'll spend some time recreating my map for my new series. Yeah! 
26th-Jan-2008 10:20 pm - Likin' LJ so far...
Yep. So far I'm liking this Live Journal bloggin'. I still need to come up with a "theme" for this blog, but I'm still finding my way here. Also need to change the look of the blog a bit. It'll come. I hope I'll come away with some good pointers from the Rainforest Writer's Retreat. I'm attending at the beginning of March and I'm really looking forward to it.

I'm thinking I'll make this blog more of a writing process blog.
22nd-Jan-2008 12:21 am - Updating my LJ Blog
spittin' mad

I've decided to take some time to update this blog and integrate it into my other blogs.  Not sure yet what the theme of this one will be and customizing has been difficult due to an error (Error:Status:12152) I keep getting, but... I continue to forge ahead.  

Tomorrow I will try to do more.  Meanwhile, take care and sweet dreams!

31st-Jul-2007 07:00 pm - Welcome to Storyteller's Keep II
gray dragon

Welcome to my Live Journal Blog! This post is designed to help users navigate through my site.

My name is Kathleen McKiernan and I am a Sci-Fi/Fantasy writer and illustrator. This LiveJournal blog was initially created to help me navigate and collaborate with other LiveJournal users, however, it is evolving daily. Check back often for new and exciting advances.  If you are interested in learning more about me, please visit the following sites.

  • My primary blog Storyteller's Keep is a collection of things I find interesting and fun!
  • My gallery is a collection of my artwork.
  • My website KathleenMcKiernan.com contains news, published works, etc.
  • To learn "About Me", click here.
  • The Writer's Toolbox is my personal collection of writing-related tools, resources, and references.
  • The Illustrator's Toolbox is my personal collection of illustrating and art related tools, resources, and references.

I hope you enjoy your visit!! 

30th-Jul-2007 07:51 pm - I'm here!!
gray dragon
This is my first Live Journal Post.  I created this blog to make it easier for me to navigate to other Live Journal users.  Please visit my primary blog at www.kathleenmckiernan.typepad.com.   

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