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Storyteller's Keep II
Welcome to Storyteller's Keep II 
31st-Jul-2007 07:00 pm
gray dragon

Welcome to my Live Journal Blog! This post is designed to help users navigate through my site.

My name is Kathleen McKiernan and I am a Sci-Fi/Fantasy writer and illustrator. This LiveJournal blog was initially created to help me navigate and collaborate with other LiveJournal users, however, it is evolving daily. Check back often for new and exciting advances.  If you are interested in learning more about me, please visit the following sites.

  • My primary blog Storyteller's Keep is a collection of things I find interesting and fun!
  • My gallery is a collection of my artwork.
  • My website KathleenMcKiernan.com contains news, published works, etc.
  • To learn "About Me", click here.
  • The Writer's Toolbox is my personal collection of writing-related tools, resources, and references.
  • The Illustrator's Toolbox is my personal collection of illustrating and art related tools, resources, and references.

I hope you enjoy your visit!! 

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