May 3rd, 2008


I've been away for too long...

Work has been keeping me crazed. I'm looking forward to August when this release craziness will relax a bit. Hopefully, I'll have more time to post over the next couple of weeks (I need to improve my work/life/writing balance, I think). Here's a post of some pics I took on a recent "Haeley walk" near my house.

In my surfing absence, I've missed a lot, it seems.  I'm thinking about Jay Lake and his recent cancer diagnosis. The guy is such a treasure and I appreciate his open sharing. I also have to acknowledge lasirenadolce 's support during a challenging time. My thoughts are certainly with Jay, lasirenadolce , and their loved ones.   

If you haven't been screened and you are in a high-risk category (age, family history, etc.) get screened! It really isn't that awful and you're definately worth it. I've lost two other treasured people to cancer and if it's caught early, the prognisis is usually very good. So, DO IT!

In other fabulous news!! jubiettahas submitted her short story, "Nana Genevieve," for consideration in Wild Child Publishing's upcoming anthology, Starstepping. debbiemumford will be interviewing the anthology authors on her blog in upcoming weeks.  If 75 e-copies are sold, it will be published on real paper, meaning  jubiettawill get a real and tangible book to hold in hand.  Join me in helping to make this a reality for our ever-fabulous [info]jubietta.