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Week(s) In Review...


Week In Review

I've started my weekend early.  Sort of... I'm still working, but home and avoiding meetings.  

Here's my week in review. Okay, it's a little more than a week, but...   Mostly, it's a collection of photos I've been posting recently.  The photo bug has me, it appears.   Enjoy and have a safe weekend! 

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Storyteller's Keep Updates

In an effort to keep y'all up to date on what's been happening over on Storyteller's Keep I, here's some linkage.  Work  and writing have been keeping me far too busy to do much more than provide links to things I've found that I find interesting.  I've got a ton of pictures waiting to be tweaked, too.  Sigh... I wish there were more hours in the day. 


I've been away for too long...

Work has been keeping me crazed. I'm looking forward to August when this release craziness will relax a bit. Hopefully, I'll have more time to post over the next couple of weeks (I need to improve my work/life/writing balance, I think). Here's a post of some pics I took on a recent "Haeley walk" near my house.

In my surfing absence, I've missed a lot, it seems.  I'm thinking about Jay Lake and his recent cancer diagnosis. The guy is such a treasure and I appreciate his open sharing. I also have to acknowledge lasirenadolce 's support during a challenging time. My thoughts are certainly with Jay, lasirenadolce , and their loved ones.   

If you haven't been screened and you are in a high-risk category (age, family history, etc.) get screened! It really isn't that awful and you're definately worth it. I've lost two other treasured people to cancer and if it's caught early, the prognisis is usually very good. So, DO IT!

In other fabulous news!! jubiettahas submitted her short story, "Nana Genevieve," for consideration in Wild Child Publishing's upcoming anthology, Starstepping. debbiemumford will be interviewing the anthology authors on her blog in upcoming weeks.  If 75 e-copies are sold, it will be published on real paper, meaning  jubiettawill get a real and tangible book to hold in hand.  Join me in helping to make this a reality for our ever-fabulous [info]jubietta.
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Donate to our dear "kehrli" and yes, I'm alive...

Hey, gang. kehrli is trying to raise tuition money for Clarion. This was enough to motivate me to post even though I've been super slammed at work. Here's the post with a donate button. Easy as pie and I hope kehrli has a wonderful trip.

I am alive. I'm in release "H" "E" "double-hockey sticks." I'll be back to a regular posting schedule sometime this week.
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Metaphor... some thoughts by Leonard Bernstein’s

Found this on James Gurney's blog.  I do so enjoy Bernstein!  And, his thoughts on metaphor translate well to writing.


There are a lot of good reminders tucked within this clip for us writers.    For example, Bernstein touches on the transferrance of the artist's thoughts, and the feelings behind those thoughts, to the listener (or reader).  The breadth of interpretation that might or can occur is potentially both vast and narrow based on our individual and shared experiences and make-up.  

He goes on to talk specifically about metaphor.  "Metaphor..." he says "...[carries] meaning beyond the literal.  The tangible.  Beyond the grossly semantic."  Through metaphor, we "... name the unnameable and communicate the unknowable."   This is it, in a nutshell. 

I don't really need to add anything, as the clip says a lot.  For me, it gets me ta'thinkin' on several tracks, which I like.  For example, I find myself wanting to explore his comment about the "... senses in which [music] cannot be considered a language."  Dang.   

Anyway, enjoy this little jewel.  I certainly do.

More from the Bernstein website, link.
New York Times review of the DVD release, link.
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You know it's bad when...

... you're driving along and the semi in front of you locks up their brakes, jackknifing and smoke billowing. Nearly got sandwhiched between three semi trucks this morning. Veared off the road over the concrete boundary, behind another broken down semi.  I love my truck sometimes!

In good news, I finished the first draft of Beyond The Edge, a short I started at the Rainforest Writers Retreat. Yay!! Now I need to go in and revise, revise, revise. The intent was to successfully complete a short story (something that I find particularly challenging) and work out some details in the universe I'm writing two novels in. Success on both fronts! Yippee!!

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Beyond The Edge